Nivea Japan Cream Care Body Wash British Royal Lily Refill 360ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. W rich moisturizer born cream Body wash. With a thick foam like cream, it gently cleanses the skin while protecting moisture. For moisturizing that can be washed off cleanly. Contains shea butter s. British Royal Lily scent. ingredient (lanolin alcohol glycerin) combination: s (shea butter, polyquaternium 7): Gives protects How to use: Apply an appropriate amount (about 2 pushes) to a damp towel or sponge, whisk lightly


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Nivea Japan Men Oil Control Lotion 110ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. For those who are concerned about the shine stickiness caused by sebum. A lotion that suppresses keeps your skin smooth for a long time. Suppresses by Contains adsorbing ingredients. Smooth lasts a Prevents dry skin. hamamelis extract glycerin (moisturizing ingredient). Cool refreshing to it is applied to Slightly fragrant. A cool citrus scent. daily care. Can be after shaving. How to use: As it contains powder, shake


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Nivea Japan Men Active Age Q10 Balm 110ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. For those who are worried about the decrease in elasticity luster with age. A milky lotion that keeps your skin healthy lively. Men's aging care (care according to age) whitening. Gives firmness makes fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable. Suppresses melanin production prevents spots freckles. Active ingredient: Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid 2 glucoside) combination. Moisturizing Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecalenone), hyaluronic


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Nivea Japan Men Sensitive Lotion 110ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. For those who are concerned about the skin after shaving. Lotion that prevents razor loss keeps tingling. Active ingredient: Contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (anti inflammatory ingredient) Prevents problems such as rough dry due to dryness. Moisturizes Moisturizing Tsukishita incense extract (tuberose polysaccharide) hyaluronic acid. A non greasy, smooth, thick lotion. How to use: After or washing your face, take


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NIVEA Sun Protect & White Serum SPF 50 PA 30ml 2 Types

Brand from Germany: NIVEA. Repair: Sunscreen serum for daily use, light texture, not clogging the pores. Protect skin UVA UVB rays, including UVA1, which damages deepest. Maintain moisture with VITAMIN E HYDRA IQ technology. Micro particles absorbs quickly, comfortable, non sticky. Can be used as a foundation before makeup. Pink Primer: cream face, combined pink primer to look white clear. With a greasy 8 hours. protection SPF 50 PA protects both


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Nivea Soin visage homme Trousse SENSITIVE PRO CHANVRE pourune routine

Une trousse homme SENSITIVE PRO CHANVRE pour une routine rasage ultra apaisante composée de : CREME HYDRATANTE ULTRA APAISANT 75ML BAUME APRES RASAGE 150ML A RASER APAISANTE 200ML


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NIVEA Men Acne 8H Oil Clear Mud Foam 100g

Brand from Germany: NIVEA. Deep Cleansing & Reduces Acne: The innovative formulation with the latest discovered Magnolia Bark Extract & working Oil Control Active Complex (L Carinitine, White Tea & Natural Menthol) Fight acne & oily skin problem: To achieve a bright, free 10 problems; Bacteria, Blackhead & Whitehead, Blemish, Dark spots, marks, Enlarged pores, scars, Oiliness, Dull skin, Uneven skin. cleansing volcanic mud tech. Effective foaming


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Nivea Q10 Power Anti Wrinkle Firming Crème yeux 15 ml


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Nivea Japan Deodorant Approach Roll On 40ml 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. No smell even when approaching. BGA ( glycyrrhetinic acid), a naturally derived bactericidal ingredient that suppresses sweat odor for a long time, is intensively sterilized with the aim of bacteria. Contains anti perspirant component ACH (Chlorhydroxyaluminum) side sweat. How to use: Because it contains powder, shake it before use. Take cap, put it upside down, then it under armpits or where or is a concern. Please


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NIVEA Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil Body Souffle In Cream 200ml

Brand from Germany: NIVEA. This light, yet nourishing body cream is enriched with Jojoba Oil & precious oil pearls is infused the indulgent scent of Cherry Blossom. It is a true pleasure to apply, gently melting into your skin leaving no stickiness. How to use: Apply to whole daily.


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