Nivea Japan Cream Care Body Wash Paris Rich Parfum Refill 360ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. Contains cream ingredients (lanolin alcohol, glycerin): moisturizing. For skin with rich foam. The thick foam, as if washing cream, gently cleanses while protecting the skin's moisture. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount (about 2 presses) to a damp towel or sponge, lightly lather wash, then rinse off.


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Nivea Japan UV Deep Protect & Care Gel SPF 50 PA 80g

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. Beauty care UV for preventive beauty (preventing spots freckles caused by sunburn). Super waterproof. Uses a 3D UV film that is resistant to sweat water. Essence ingredient (moisturizer) combination: Gold silver flower extract , pearl protein , damask rose water, BG. Makes fine wrinkles due to drying inconspicuous. Clear floral scent. Can be on the whole body. How to use: Take an appropriate amount spread it evenly


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Nivea Essentials Crème de nuit 3 x 50 ml (Pour les peaux sensibles)


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Nivea Japan Royal Blue Body Milk 200g 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. Dry Trouble Care Moisturizes moisturizes the stratum corneum. The best moisturizing series for adults body milk. thick, melty keeps skin moisturized moisturized, which tends to be rough dusty. Unscented uncolored. Anti inflammatory ingredient Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (active ingredient) combination: Prevents cracks. High concentration petrolatum mix. Combination Vaseline hyaluronic acid (wetting agent). Beauty Body


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Nivea Cellular Filler Hyaluronic Acid Sérum


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Nivea Japan Recharge d'huile nettoyante et purifiante profonde pour le

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. Ce produit est une recharge uniquement, pas un flacon.Huile nettoyante issue de la cosmétologie. Cette huile onctueuse élimine les résidus de maquillage en profondeur dans pores. Contient des ingrédients efficaces pour éliminer la kératine obstrue pores, notamment un acide gras de l'huile de palme (PEG 7 glycéryle), de l'éther dicaprylylique et du polyisobutène hydrogéné (nettoyant).Contient 4 huiles de


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Nivea Q10 Plus 3 in 1 Radiance BB Cushion BB crème 15 gram


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NIVEA Q10 Vitamin C Firming Body Lotion 400ml

Brand from Germany: NIVEA. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion has been enriched with two powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C. The improved formula noticeably firms improves skin elasticity in 10 days. quick absorbing lotion intensively moisturises the 48 hours. How to use: Apply daily all over your body. Gently massage it into skin.


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Nivea Japan Men Oil Control Lotion 110ml

Brand from Japan: Nivea Japan. For those who are concerned about the shine stickiness caused by sebum. A lotion that suppresses keeps your skin smooth for a long time. Suppresses by Contains adsorbing ingredients. Smooth lasts a Prevents dry skin. hamamelis extract glycerin (moisturizing ingredient). Cool refreshing to it is applied to Slightly fragrant. A cool citrus scent. daily care. Can be after shaving. How to use: As it contains powder, shake


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NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk 400ml

Brand from Germany: NIVEA. The Rich Nourishing body milk is infused with the Nivea Deep Moisture Serum 2 x almond oil. patented formula uses knowledge, that skin contains sufficient moisture in its deeper layers. unique composition of s own moisturizer, locking lipids care providing oils bind hold water in thus cannot evaporate easily into surrounding area. is well protected drying out, because loss is reduced level of is increased. latest testing


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